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Greece 2018

Jennifer Kennedy


Pictures tell 1,000 words, or so they say. Having just returned from an incredible 17-day trip to Greece, I’ve finally finished putting together a picture/story/fact journal all about Greece and our travels. You encounter and experience so much that Rachel and I, in an attempt to remember and record everything, decided at the beginning of our trip that we would write about our experiences daily; along with taking hundreds of photos that showcased our journey. (The pages take a little bit to load, but it's well worth the wait! Leave the tab open, do something fun for 5 mins) Feel free to browse, skim or scroll. Our trip begins in Mykonos and ends in Santorini. Hopefully it’ll provide a little taste of the beauty we were blessed be a part of. Enjoy.



Johnny Cash's 40th Music Anniversary

Jennifer Kennedy

Last year, after a surprise visit to the Cash Ranch, and an incredible surprise opportunity to not only see but also play Johnny Cash's guitar, Darren and I were invited back, after this impromptu jam, to sing and play a couple songs on December 10th for Johnny Cash's 40th Music Anniversary Celebration back at the Cash Ranch! The video above shows Darren and I warming up for the show. They put us in Johnny Cash's room to practice! What? Also here is a fun little music video from our visit to the Story Teller's Museum, click HERE to check it out! :)



Carrizo Plains

Jennifer Kennedy

A couple months ago a few awesome coworkers and I traveled out to visit Carrizo Plains where the wildflower were in full bloom. Here is what we found. Enjoy!

Seasons EP Record Release!

Jennifer Kennedy

Over time, and over the seasons, a person develops and grows so much. One thing I really love about my EP is that it reflects my journey, the different seasons of life I’ve encountered and resolutions to each question.  It wouldn't have been possible without the help of such amazing musicians and friends; each of whom I've learned so much from. My goal in creating this is that other's may blessed by it. 

I just had my EP release last Friday and it was magical. Such an honor to play with such talented musicians and such a blessing to have many amazing friends who made the night so special.  

The songs should be up on ITunes soon. Videos to come! Until then, here are a few fun photos and on short clip from the other night!

Costa Rica 2016

Jennifer Kennedy

This trip Meghan and I thought it would be wonderful to try and document/capture our experiences as they happened! So that's exactly what we did; we created a story filled, 11 day picture journal of our Costa Rica 2016 trip!

We started in Arenal, then traveled down the Caribbean Coast to Puerto Viejo and finally ended our journey in Esterillos Oeste on the Pacific Coast. Click the buttons by location below! (The pages take a little bit to load, but it's well worth the wait! Leave the tab open, do something fun for 5 mins, then sit back relax and scroll!)

Tis the Season

Jennifer Kennedy

Tis the season for a little night time photo shoot. Here's a sneak peak of project I'm working on! Many thanks to Steelhead Cinema for the amazing photo!

EP Sneak Preview

Jennifer Kennedy

Been working on an EP with Clarke Lane Music for some time now and it's finally almost finished! Kyle Naylor is helping me with the artwork and it's seriously incredible! Here's a little sneak peak of what we are working on! :)

Costa Rica + Long Exposure + Storms

Jennifer Kennedy

Costa Rica has some of the biggest rain, thunder and lightening storms I've ever experienced. They literally light up the entire room and shake the house at times like an earthquake. During one of those rainy stormy nights Mike and I decided to play with some long exposure fun off Chloe's balcony.
This is what we got.

Cataratas Nauyaca - Horsebackriding + Waterfalls

Jennifer Kennedy

My brother Mike and I rode horses up a jungle mountain to see a waterfall,
or modern day paradise otherwise known as the Cataratas Nauycaca.
My horse Zorro, was def the fastest horse! Mike and I made it to the waterfall first,
then explored two different levels of Waterfall.

Hey Hey Little Monkeys!

Jennifer Kennedy

Yesterday we hung out with a gang of white faced monkeys from the jungle.
There is an old lady who lives tucked away in the jungle, who every morning yells, "Monkeys!".
They all come swinging and we fed them their favorite food...
You probably already guessed it.. Bananas of course!

Playing at the Steaming Bean

Jennifer Kennedy

I had such an amazing time playing at The Steaming Bean this last weekend!
Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by. I was so blessed by all of you!
I really couldn't believe how many people showed up and packed the place full!
And many thanks to brother Mike on Cello, Ryan on Drums, Mary on Upright Bass
and Scott on Electric guitar for playing with me!
And thanks again to Shawn Clark Family band for playing with us!

Custom Wine Labels? Yes Please!

Jennifer Kennedy

Came across some old custom wine labels I had created awhile back and thought I'd share. Working at Broken Earth Winery was a creative's dream as far as imagination. With their in-house printer that could emboss, print white, di-cut, and gloss, and their custom orders,
the sky was the limit as far as wine labels went!