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This year I just released my first EP Seasons. It's been a 3 year project that I am extremely proud to share. If you get a moment check it out! The album tells a story of time and relationships and represents my journey over the past few years.
You can find Seasons by Jen Kennedy on iTunes or Spotify. 

I’ve always had a love for writing, people, music and arts; although with the busyness of life, never had the time to properly peruse my music passion. After graduating in art & design, I was blessed to meet local music producer/worship pastor at Clarke Lane Music. I was given the opportunity to trade babysitting hours in exchange for music consultation and songwriting skills. Over the past two years I have been able to help with worship at Calvary SLO, home to many talented musicians, and the chance to further craft my songwriting, guitar & singing skills.


I've also recently finished a music video called A Father's Song, that I am especially proud of. You can find the audio version on the EP. It was hard to write but I'm glad I did. A Father's Song is a tribute to my father who fought hard against cancer. Click the Video below to check it out. Special thanks to Steelhead Cinema for producing it.


Thanks for checking out my music! Feel free to browse my soundcloud or shoot me an email! :)

Here's a little video clip from the release show! A favorite Johnny Cash cover.